Nursery School


Contact Us:

The Salvation Army Nursery School

1320 Gordon Street  

P.O. Box 1146

Guelph, ON  N1H 6N3


Program Supervisor:  Sylvia Wilson

(519) 836-9360 x 246

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Administrator:  Patti Samson

(519) 836-9360 x 230

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- Licensed by the Ministry of Education

- Staffed by Registered Early Childhood Educators and Teaching Assistants

- An Inclusive Facility

- High Quality Programs in Beautiful Child-Friendly, Play-Based Classrooms



We respect diversity and provide an inclusive environment where every child will flourish.  Our programs are based 

on the concept of the Whole Child, each with unique, individual abilities and needs.  Teachers work collaboratively 

with families, children and other support agencies to ensure that all children have equal opportunities to participate,

play and learn.


Children learn through play, exploring as far as their curiosity leads them while engaging with their environment and

interacting with others.  As we observe, and reflect on the children in our care, we respond by planning play-based

activities that reflect the children's interests, stages of development, interactions and life experiences within a

theme-based curriculum.  Thus children are supported in their social, emotional, language, cognitive and physical

development as they strive to reach their full potential.


The school is government inspected for health and fire safety, as well as content of program.  This inspection

includes a regular annual visit by a representative of the Ministry of Education.


OUR MISSION STATEMENT:  As part of the Christian Church, we are committed to work with families to ensure

the best possible environment in which their children may grow and learn, to develop a positive self-identity, to grow

in their relationships with others and to experience the mastering of skills in social, emotional, physical, language

and cognitive areas of development.