Leadership Team


MAJORS CHRIS & CLAUDETTE PILGRIM                                           RYAN SEGUIN

               Corps Officers                                                                      Children/Youth Director



Mission Board
Assistant Corps Sergeant Major (Seniors) Major Wayne Hong
Corps Officer Major Chris Pilgrim
Corps Officer Major Claudette Pilgrim
Corps Sergeant Major Donna Harris
Corps Secretary Joyce Parsons
Director of Business Administration Peter Cummins
Director of Children & Youth Ryan Seguin
Director of Pastoral Care Terry McLellan
Director of Program (Community & Family Services) Bev Broughton
Director of Program (Corps) Tracey Holloway


Program Leaders
Community Care Susanne Jones
Good Times Club (55+) Judy Arnott
Guides Bonnie McQuillin
In His Grip (Jr Worship Team) Ryan Seguin
Jr. & Sr. Youth Groups Ryan Seguin
KRASH  Ryan Seguin
Ladies Night Out Major Claudette Pilgrim
Mission Board Major Chris Pilgrim
Nursery School  Bev Broughton
Pastoral Care Terry McLellan
Pioneer Clubs Ryan Seguin
Prayer Ministry Shirley Gogol
Salvation Sounds Brenda Campbell
Senior Band Adam Pearson 
Seniors Exercise Community
Singing Company Karen Merritt
Songsters Karen Merritt/Stephanie Vincent
Sunday School Melissa Gray
Sunday Worship Majors Chris & Claudette Pilgrim
Telecare Marilyn Webb
Women's Bible Study Major Claudette Pilgrim
Women's Ministries Book Club Avril McNeilly
Worship Team Mark Sturge
Youth Bible Study Ryan Seguin
YP Band Maggi Jones