Registration for our 2018/2019 programs will begin on Thursday, February 1st, 2018

4:30 - 6:30 p.m. at our Open House.


2017/2018 Registration: 


Check out our Programs & Fees information to determine which class best fits your child's

age and your family's schedule.


A $100.00 partially refundable registration fee is required at the time of application for each

program you are registering a child for (e.g. 2 children in 1 program each = $200, 2 children in

2 programs each = $400).


In addition to completing all forms contained in the registration package, we will also require

an up-to-date copy of your child's immunization record.  If your child has not been immunized,

you must provide a statement of conscience or religious belief affidavit signed by an

authorized Commissioner.


When you bring in your completed registration paperwork, you will also be required to

complete a police check form in order to be able to accompany your child on field trips or help

in the classroom.  You will need to bring in 2 pieces of ID for this form (driver's license, birth

certificate, passport and immigration card are the most commonly accepted types of ID).  We

will drop it off at the police station, and pick it up when it has been processed.  


You will also be required to complete a short questionnaire (Nipissing Screen) about your

child's development for our student file.


Please note:  All registrations are subject to special needs and age ratio reviews by the

teaching staff.